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Hi there! I’m Sasha, the girl behind Eat Me Blog. I live with my wonderful husband Sasha (yes, we have the same name) and our beautiful little daughter Sonya in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. Besides baking cookies and eating brownies I love everything referred to 50-60-s, threfore I am keen on Mad Men and every movie with Hitchcock’s name on it, high intensity workouts, cannot imagine my life without good coffee and books and recently I discovered knitting as my type of  meditation.

I started this blog in 2012 to chronicle my development as a baker and it eventually grew from a food blog to a visual journal of my lifestyle. Here you’ll find my favorite recipes for cakes, biscuits and pies along with personal stories from our daily life, book reviews and some knitting to inspire your sight.  2015 was quite an eventful and challenging year due to the simultaneous start of our new business and the birth of a baby so now we are working hard to slow down and simplify our life. If you want to learn more about it skip to my SLOW LIVING PROJECT.

Currently I’m reading this, watching this and  looking forward to this

Eat Me Cafe


Our love for baked sweets and coffee ended in launching Eat Me cafe in September 2014 only a week before Sonya was born. We worked hard for two months to make it happen and even harder afterwards to keep things going. We put our heart and soul to make this space comfortable and homey for our guests.

You can read the post How It All Started here and watch the photos from the first anniversary and a lovely video here.

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