January has come to an end and so has the first month of my Slow Living Project. In January I limited my use of social networks as it was impossible to completely exclude them from my life. I posted on Facebook and Instagram accounts of Eat Me Cafe, one photo a day in my Instagram and announced new posts of the blog. And that was it. I didn’t check the feeds, didn’t count the likes or replied to comments, I simply turned off all the noifications and my iPhone screen became quiet for a whole month.

January — life without social networks. SUMMARY

At first I didn’t feel the lack of anything though I thought that first days will be the most difficult, then in about two weeks I urged to take a glance to Instagram feed and automatically tabbed a screen to see the notifications though they were turned off and in the end of the month my addiction just vanished. During the last week I didn’t have a desire to post at all.

If I speak of cons there are few of them to mention:

— I definitely missed a couple of birthdays (though I don’t know for sure). Well, facebook is really good at reminding such things and it is not always convenient to make notes in a notebook or use some apps.

— I know nothing what’s happened beyond my personal intercourse. I have friends who are far away and sometimes you don’t have an opportunity to skype or even send a message but seeing the smiling face on a photo or a check-in from a restaurant makes you a part of their lives and you know that everything is ok with them. Also I’ve missed everything that happened in our town this month. I can hardly say that I’m very social these days but at least it was fun to know. Facebook is a gossip girl and sometimes it’s good to have it accompany your morning coffee.

And now what are the pros?

— I stopped being addicted to Instagram, counting likes and scrolling down the feed.

— I didn’t read «30 books to read before you are thirthy» or » 10 easy exercises for your butt» and other similar articles that Facebook page is spamed with.

— I had more free time for reading or at least I filled it with reading.

— I had more time for my duties about the house, found more time for the blog and other activities that I neglected.

— I had a chance to organize myself and declutter my wardrobe and now I feel that my life is more comfortable and others feel more comfortable with me. I don’t know if that was because of the social break but I have to mention that.

— I had more time to think, figure out my goals and dreams, reconsider this project and define the targets for the year. It seems as if you actually don’t need time for thinking but social networks litter our minds so much that even this natural process is altered. You start to understand that when you turn them off.

— And last but not least. Looking through other people’s photos you forget about yourself, you start to compare your life to someone’s beautiful feed and often have no spare space left for your own ideas. We often measure ourselves to some ephemeral models disregarding our own abilities and  considering them worse than the others. This way a person slows down not in a good sense of this word and that is one of the saddest things in life.

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February theme — blogging

You may ask what has blogging to do with slow living? But I can say that it is an inherent part of it. Many bloggers closed down their blogs and moved to Instagram. It is much easier to post a pic with a short note rather than prepare a photoshoot, write a long post and frame it up. It is faster to tap an emoji sign than to write a comment. It is faster to merely scroll down the photos than to dive into a story behind them.

Many people think that writing a post is no big deal but sometimes it takes up to a couple of days not taking into account the preparations. When I read my favorite blogs I can see how much effort and hard work stands behind each and every post. But also blog is not just a pack of photos with some text, it is a person behind it, a person who inspires , a person who motivates , a person who creates. Every website is a part of a blogger and it is worth paying due attention to.

I’m considering moving back to WordPress and creating a standalone blog with a new user friendly design. I need to define the format of the blog, its categories and style of the posts. I have lots of work to do as I understand that in 2015 I wasn’t developing as a blogger and photographer. So February will be completely devoted to blogging. Stay tuned.

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