Second month of my Slow Living Project is over and as you can see I really worked hard on the blog just as I planned. Though I can’t call the passed month a slow one because a great job was done during February. All my spare time was devoted to the blog: I moved to WordPress, redesigned the site, analized and moved the content and finaly clearly defined the categories and ideas that I’d like to write about and the stories I want to share. As for me the navigation became clearier, the categories transparent and easy to follow and the main thing is that I separated Russian and English content and therefore you don’t have to search for the right passage.

In future I’ll share only the recipes that I developed on my own or adapted from other sources and of course the main point will be focused on pastries and cakes. Lifestyle part of the blog will embrace everything connected to my life and to what I love doing besides baking: books and movies, knitting patterns and processes, my daily life and the life of our cafe.

While I was analyzing and working on the blog I moved only one half of my posts and about a year ago I’ve already cleaned some old content, so my first years of blogging eventually disappeared. At first I felt sorry to delete the posts I worked on but then I understood that they left the trace in my style, helped me to develop as a blogger, I woudn’t make mistakes and learn and I wouldn’t understand that I have overgrown myself without them. So may the past remain in the past. Time to move on.

March theme — Slow Fashion Month

In February I was working hard on my computer, lacked sleep and wasn’t quite following my slow living concept so in March I decided to take some time for myself therefore I picked a theme of ‘slow fashion’ as I called it. During this month I plan to relax and do some knitting. The beginning of spring is cold and gloomy here so such pastime will bring some coziness and comfort to rainy days. Besides I have skeins of my favorite yarn lying aimlessly on a shelf so I hope to knit a sweater or two. Though I’m not going to rush just to achieve a better result as the main point of this project is to keep it slow and enjoy.

IMG_8409 IMG_8418 IMG_8441 IMG_8463 IMG_8468

I’ll be grateful for your feedback on the new design in the comments below or via the contact form.
If you are interested in some themes for posts I’ll be also glad to hear it.

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  • Dear Sasha, thank you for all you are doing and sharing with us. It is a great job! I am often searching for an inspiration from the foreign food or lifestyle blogs, but what was a surprise when I found out that you live and work in Ukraine. It means much for me to understand that there are progressive, creative and stylish people in my country. We are very similar with you in our lifestyle and hobbies. I also like knitting (especially with Malabrigo yarn), DIY and baking, but I am just doing this for myself (and my boyfriend:)), not professionally. I wouldn’t wish more themes for posts, just continue as you are… Maybe give Ukrainians some details where to get special baking staff and ingredients for baking, good quality yarns or stylish home decor. I am personally constantly searching for good Ukrainian manufacturers or suppliers.
    I live in Kyiv but hope to stop by your lovely café one day, most likely this summer when travelling to West Ukraine.
    Sincerely, Anna.

    • Thank you Anna for your kind words. Flattered to hear such a nice feedback. Hope you will find my future knitting posts and patterns inspiring and useful 🙂

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  • Forgot to tell you that I really love your name. My grandson, who will be 20, 11/5 is named Alexandre. He is in university studying Engineering.
    Could you please tell me the colors of the yarn in the baskets above and the brand name. I should be bery appreciative.

    Denver. Colorado