Live slowly.. It seems so easy and simple. All you have to do is stop or at least slow down, relax a little bit and enjoy the moment. In reality it is very difficult to implement those slow living rules into life. Or it is that hard for me. I rather live the principle «I’ll just do it and then I’ll have a rest», only this ‘just’ has no end.

And as usually my ideas come out of the blue and turn my life upside down. Probably you have guessed that I’ve started a new project and dived into deep water with no bottom in sight. That’s why I have no much time left for my blog (sorry for that). I don’t know whether it’s a problem or not but I am so enthusiastic about some idea that I continue thinking about it even while asleep. And I have no rest till I finish it. I’d rather not talk much now but better show a result later.


April will be loaded with work and studies so it will have nothing in common with Kinfolk style living and I’ll have no opportunity to do much so I decided to merely concentrate on my eating habits and implement slow food movement to my diet. I’m not going to eliminate sugars because I’m fed up with trying and this time is quite tense so I need a treat during the day. Nor I am going to keep to some strict diets.

The main point of my project is to start living slowly or at least slow down when needed. I love slow coffee but in terms of food I usually have a snack on the go instead of a lunch and when working much at a desk I completely forget about mealtime and then grab anything available because I can’t stand a thought of waiting for my dinner to be cooked. In April I’ll do my best to eat good food three times a day and take my time while eating, I’ll try to avoid snacks and concentrate on my body more.

P.S. And my knitting is waiting for me in my basket and I’m throwing glances at it when standing out of my desk. Well then, I’ll just finish my work and continue …

knitting _ knitting

are you the same when it comes to food or you can call yourself a slow eater?

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  • Hi, I just discovered your blog yesterday and I can’t stop reading it ! So beautiful .. as I am a keen knitter too, I would love to know what brand you are knitting with on this page ? Absolutely love the shiny material and color.

    Thanks for sharing,