There was a time when I was buying membership to the gym and spent hours in there. I was attending either individual workout sessions with a personal trainer or group fitness workouts. A few hours every day were spent on a gym or sports classes. But after working out at home I understood that I could reach better results in less time and I stopped spending it in vein. I’ve been training at home for more than five years already. And when Sonya was born this skill became priceless.

When they ask me if I attend gym or take any classes and in reply hear that I workout at home people get really surprised and start asking questions like ‘What can you do at home?’  or ‘How can you make yourself workout?’ or  ‘Is it effective?’

I’ll answer one question at a time: you can make lots of various effective trainings at home and I rarely repeat a workout twice, only a few favorites; it’s pretty simple to make yourself workout because you are your own personal trainer and on efficiency I can say that despite hours spent in the gym I couldn’t press up more than 10 times. When I made 50 push ups in a row at home I threw away my gym membership card. But the main thing is that my workouts take no more than half an hour a day and earlier I had to drive to the gym — change clothes — workout — cool down — take shower — drive home and all these steps could take up to three hours. THREE HOURS DAILY! That was insane to throw priceless time into trash.

Below you can find three perfect options of home workouts on any budget.


Budget: 0$ + premium content 4,99 $ per week

Workout time: 12-20 minutes

3 perefct home workout ideas for any budget. 15 minutes a day with no fancy gear will change your life! Check it now or save for later

I started working out with Bodyrock in early 2011 when very few people knew about it in Ukraine. The majority of workouts are highly intensiveinterval workouts (HIIT) using tabata protocol. For instance, you’ve got to make a set of 4 excersises 3 times through. So you set your tabata timer for 12 rounds, 50 seconds on / 10 sec rest each. During 50 sec work time you have to complete as many reps of each excersise as possible. After 10 seconds rest you move on to the next excersise. So the whole workout takes you 12 minutes to complete. Is it effective being so short? Oh yes! Each excersise is made on the edge of your body potential. If you make it work on the maximum you will see results very soon.

Besides free workouts with live videos and explanations you can find premium challenges for a week or more.


Budget: 10$ per month for a premium content + free workouts on Zuzka’s YouTube Channel

Workout time: approx. 15 minutes

3 perefct home workout ideas for any budget. 15 minutes a day with no fancy gear will change your life! Check it now or save for later

Zuzka Light was a co-founder of Bodyrock TV. When I started following Bodyrock she was hosting all the workouts. But breaking up with Freddy she left this community and started shooting her own workouts. Weekly video on her YouTube channel grew to a daily online-program ZGYM (Zuzka’s Gym). It costs 10$ per month. For a very little money you get a weekly workout schedule with video workouts that are shooted in real time. You can complete them anywhere with a minimum equipment needed. Besides in her blog Zuzka shares lots of recomendations, healthy recipes and lifestyle content. Recently she’s launched her first book 15 Minutes to Fit where she shaes how to motivate yourself for daily workouts, what to eat and also a book contains a monthly workout plan.

If you are a beginner there’s a free Bunny Slope Workout series of videos on her channel for you to start with.

BIKINI BODY GUIDE by Kayla Itsines

Budget: 70 $ for the e-book (12 week) / 20$ per month for the IOS App (workout and nutrition plan)

Workout time: 28 minutes

3 perefct home workout ideas for any budget. 15 minutes a day with no fancy gear will change your life! Check it now or save for later

About half a year ago I discovered Kayla’s community and I immediately became her fan. Her workout plan, called Bikini Body Guide, is a highly intensive mix of cardio and resistance trainings. Each workout contains of two circuits of exercises 7 minutes each and you have to complete them twice through. So the workout takes 28 minutes but you won’t be capable fo anything more. Believe me. You can either purchase BBG in a form of an e-book for 70$ or you can download a Sweat With Kayla App for Apple and Android for 20$ per month. It is called Bikini Body Guide as it reflects each girl’s needs. Isn’t it so? 6 days a week 28 minutes a day will guarantee you your dream body. She’s gt more than 5 mln subscribes in her Instagram and that means a lot. You can subscribe for a free week trial and see if BBG is ok for you.

Any of these three workout programs will need minimum gear and max efforts. But I’ll share my motivational tips in a next post.

It’s up to you to decide whether to choose Bodyrock, or train with Zuzka or download Kayla’s App or maybe you won’t like any of them. I just shared my way of working out. If you are a complete beginner you have to be very careful and better start with a trainer who will explain the proper way the exercises are performed and their possible variations. Wrong performed squats can not only be inefficient but can cause injuries to your back and knees, wrong press ups can hurt your back and arms. Also you have to be completely sure that these trainings will do you good.

Anyway I wish you find your favorite workouts and love doing sports cause it will definitely change your life!

Tell me about your workouts. Are you working out at home or at the gym?
What do you like more and why? What are your results and what stops you from reaching ones?
Let’s chat.

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