Long time since I’ve finally knitted this sweater and grabbed all my willpower to sit and write this pattern. This sweater can be called basic as it doesn’t require any special knitting skills and no fancy patterns are used but as I’ve discovered it is extremely difficult to find such a pattern especially a FREE PATTERN. Probably knitters think that if a pattern doesn’t use any cables or arans it’s not worth being posted. But just imagine a beginner who haven’t ever knitted anything but a scarf and has a desire to fill her wardrobe with a nice cosy piece of clothing. Actually such sweaters are difficult to find at readymade stores either or if you do find it it will be 100% made of acryllic. Congrats if you can wear it but I’m aweating like hell after the first 500 metres and have a feeling that I’m wearing a garbage parcel.

So I decided not to spend 50 dollars on such a synthetic thing in h&m or something like that and spend the same sum and knit a perfect sweater with silk and cashemere, the one that will look great oversize and the pleasure of process creating it is worth a million. 

This sweater is truely for a beginner’s level but looks just great. I used lana Grossa Cashsilk and it took me some time to get used to it. The yarn is rather tricky and it was slipping off metal needles, then it was better with wooden and finally I changed to bamboo needles and it was a pleasure as they are really lightweighted. But that’s just my opinion so keep in mind if you decide using this yarn.

This pattern is made for one size and it is suitable from XS to M. I’ve given the actual size of the sweater below so if you need bigger size just increase the number of stitches and the length proportionally to the desired size. If you decide using another yarn please make sure that it fits the gauge.

Easy guide on how to knit this oversize sweater - FREE PATTERN Oversize knitted sweater_ FREE PATTERNLana Grossa Cashsilk easy knitted sweater. Check this free pattern Lana Grossa Cashsilk knitted sweater. Check this free pattern

Oversize Sweater Knitting Pattern


  • Width 52 cm
  • Length 55 cm
  • Sleeves 42 cm


  • 12 skeins — 900 m /600 gr — Lana Grossa Cashsilk. I used 036 color


  • 9 mm circular needles 
  • sewing needle


10х10 cm 12 stiches and 18 rows


Body back and front

Cast on 64 stiches.

Row 1: slip 1 stich knitwise, knit 1, purl 1 till the last stich, purl 1.

Repeat Row 1 — 9 times.

Row 2: slip 1 stich knitwise, knit all the stiches, purl the last stich.

Repeat till the length is 55 cm. Bind off the stiches.

Knit 2 pieces.


Cast on 34 stiches.

Row 1: slip 1 stich knitwise, knit 1, purl 1 till the last stich, purl 1.

Repeat Row 1 — 9 times.

Row 2: slip 1 stich knitwise, knit all the stiches, purl the last stich.

Continue to knit Row 2 — 7 times.

Increase Row. Slip one stich knitwise, knit one into front of the row below (inc 1), knit till one stich lest, knit one into one below (inc 1), purl the last stich. Repeat increasing row 4 more time every 10 rows, so that in the end you have 44 stiches. Knit till the needed lenght and bind off the stiches.


Place the pasrts of sweater wrong side up in frot of yourself. Start sewing the shoulders leaving the neckhole, then follow with the sides of the sleeves, then the sleeves themselves and finish with the sides of sweater. Try to sew accurately.


Cast on stiches around the hole of the neck. Place the marker to indicate the beginning of the round. Knit 1, purl 1 till the end of the row. Continue for 6 rows. Bind off stiches.

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  • Thank you for this. I wanted an easy first sweater to try, and this looks like it’ll give me the idea of how parts work without the struggle of complex patterns.

  • SPASIBA BOLSHOI! (I can’t read or write it,, but I can sound it out) I used to have an amazing sweater like this that I was lucky enooug to buy in cotton. I, too, sweat like crazy in acrylic and even wool or cashmere! For all it’s bragging rights, cashmere feels too hot and itchy! I’m an experienced knitter and I’ve been searching high and low for a simple boat neck sweater like my beloved college friend that was lost!!! I can’t wait to cuddle up this winter and start this project. I already have the perfect yarn in my stash.

    • Great, Amy)) I know how you feel about patterns like this as I also failed at finding them))
      Hope you like this sweater . What yarn are you planning t use?

  • I noticed that the bottom finishes with a ribbed borther, but it is not explained in the pattern
    How many cm or rows you you made at the bottom?

    • Hi, Mayra. It is explained as this sweater is knitted from the bottom. So you start knitting front or back with the bottom rib — 9 rows then continue with garter stich. The neck rib is knitted when all the pieces of the sweater are sewn together.

  • I’m new to knitting, I’m trying to understand patterns. Must I do row 1 x9 times then X1 row 2? After this I alternate r1 and r2 until it’s long enough right? I’m also in need of bigger than a M size (I’m a UK 16-18/ Eu 44/46) and 5ft 9″ so I’ll leave my own measurement for others when I’m done in case anyone else needs it. Love your blog, thanks for it.

    • No no. You start with Row 1. Knit it for 9 rows . Then you simply knit Row 2 till the end of the piece (either front or back or sleeves). It is easy. You simply repeat knitting stiches all the way)) If you have any further questiions go along and ask )) Hope you’ll find it easy and fun to knit.

  • Thank you so much for posting this! You were so right, beginners will appreciate this! I mostly crochet, so I’ll need to brush up on my knitting, but I’m excited to try to make this!

  • What are the instructions for a size large or x-large? How many stitches to cast on for front, back, sleeves…length and width…etc, etc,
    Thank you

  • Thank you! If I send a photo of a pullover I knitted a few years ago, would you perhaps be able to figure the pattern out? Also super easy…straight needles starting with sleeve cuff.

  • Looks fabulous and just what I need for some chunky wool I’ve bought. Can I knit it on straight needles? I was intending to use huge ones but maybe I’ll stick to the 9. Thank you.


  • You can send the knitted pattern on straight needles. Maybe I can figure it out.

    Please give instructions for a larger sweater for THIS SWEATER PATTERN ASAP.

    Thank you.


  • This is really beautiful! I’m a total beginner though so I would like to try this with a cheaper yarn. Do you have any recommendations?

    • Hi Rachel.
      Unfortunatelly I don’t know which cheaper yarn to use. You should pick up a skein of yarn that you intend to use and try to knit a sample. If it fits the gauge then it’s possible to substitute.
      Good luck.

  • I can’t wait to try this amazing pattern! Just one question- Can I make it so the one side doesn’t fall off the shoulder? and how would I do that?
    Thanks, v

    • Hi, Vicki. Actually it doesn’t fall that much. it’s just the way i wore it for the picture.
      But you can regulate the neck hole by sewing it more or less on the shoulders))

  • Your blog is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! From the font, layout and color scheme to the content — all of it is perfect! I really love the sweater pattern too! Thanks so much for sharing!!! ?

    • This way you have to count the number of stitches and rows depending on the gauge of your yarn.
      You multiply the number of stitches in the pattern on the coefficient 1.16
      62*1.16=72 stitches (for front and back)
      34*1.16=40 stitches (for the sleeves )
      Good luck))

  • Thank you so much for this lovely pattern! I started working on it yesterday and cannot wait to see the end project! Also followed you on social media (instagram & facebook). So happy to have discovered your blog!

  • Do you think any super bulky weight yarn would work, or do you have a suggestion for an alternative? I can’t find it in the US. I want to make this so bad!

  • For the sleeeves…does «increase Row. Slip one stich knitwise, knit one into front of the row below (inc 1), knit till one stich lest, knit one into one below (inc 1), purl the last stich. Repeat increasing row 4 more time every 10 rows, so that in the end you have 44 stiches. Knit till the needed lenght and bind off the stitches»

    Begin after you have done the rows one and 2? I am unclear about how to do the sleeves..repeat the increase row 4 more times every ten rows? What stitch is being done in between the increase row stitch? Sorry if that’s a silly question

  • THIS is a great sweater. And exactly what I was looking for. You knit it in a cotton but if I can get the guage properly I could probably knit it in wool, no? Do you, by any chance have a picture of the way the neck looks when it’s not pulled down the shoulder. I know it’s a «boat neck» but I want to see it NOT pulled down one shoulder or the other — to get a better idea of how it looks regularly.

  • What is an alternative yarn to use for this pattern? I tried to order the yarn used, but it is in euro’s and I am not sure it ships to the United States. Can’t wait to Knit this pattern.

  • Thank you for sharing your pattern with us — looking forward to trying it out for my daughter who will love lounging around in it on chilly days/nights 🙂

  • THANK YOU FOR THIS PATTERN ….. I just finished making this sweater. It took me 4 days to complete and I love it. I made it using ‘ Red Heart with Love’ yarn 6 ounce boysenberry color from Walmart. Total cost around $9.00.

    • I’m curious did you knit this singled stranded using the Red Heart With Love yarn? Did you use different size needles? or did you follow the pattern exactly as written with the red heart with love yarn? I only ask because the original yarn used in the pattern is a super bulky weight and the red heart with love yarn is a (4) worsted weight. Curious to know how it turned out. Could you post pics of yours? Would love to see it::-) I too was considering using a (4) worsted weight yarn, but I was going to knit double stranded to get close to the super bulky weight yarn as in the pattern.

  • silly question…. and I’m pretty sure I know the answer, but before I get started on this fantastic pattern need to ask. Under the sleeves portion of the pattern the instructions are for just one sleeve correct? We repeat this sleeves part of the pattern twice, correct? I’m super excited to get started on this. I have a couple smaller projects to finish up but then I am diving right into this bad boy! Love the color too. I may end up using an acrylic worsted yarn held double stranded….hmmmm, decision decisions…..

    • I too am unsure how to cast on for the neck? Love this pattern and as you say a perfect pattern for someone’s first attempt at knitting a sweater.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, and what a gorgeous colour. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Hannukah, Thanksgiving, Midwinter, Shortest Day, whatever lights your fire. Oh, and thank you. Poshepoche

  • I love this and totally want to make it! I just have a few questions about it though:

    1. What size cable should my 9mm circulars have? 24″? 32″?
    2. Should I also have a second set of 9mm circulars for the sleeve creation, like a 16″ set?
    3. At the end when you need to cast on stitches for the neck, how many stitches should be cast on? I suck at creating necks and don’t want it to be too loose or too gappy!

    Thanks. 😀

  • Although a beautiful sweater the instructions were not. Finished product did not come out right. A schematic was needed to know how big each piece should be. Have to rip out. Size instruction looks to be very small or even preteen. Hope you can fix for future requests to make.

  • Wow thanks for this!

    I just decided to start knitting again — I haven’t in a loooong time, and I just used to knit simple scarves. I was looking for something more interesting / challenging, but not too challenging. This is perfect. Thanks for the inspiration and the sharing!

  • I am having a lot of trouble finding a super bulky natural fiber yarn in the US. I can find a bulky fiber yarn. I’m a very new knitter. Do you think that you could help me rewrite this pattern for a bulky yarn? I’m also going to need to knit it in medium to large. I love the pattern!

  • What stitch do you recommend to sew this sweater together. I’m making my second one and wasn’t happy with my sewing of the first one. Was going to try mattress stitch this time. Your recomendation?

  • Hi!
    The sweater looks really nice and as I am not such an experienced knitter,I was looking for something like this.
    I want to ask you : a) I like knitting on circular needles, Is it the same if I cast on 128 stiches? and b) I can’t understand the following:»Row 1: slip 1 stich knitwise, knit 1, purl 1 till the last stich, purl 1.» So after knitting one I will purl until the end?
    Thank you very much!
    I am looking forward to beginning the sweater!!!!!

  • Hi, I was so excited when i saw this pattern!! But when i got to the bottom and read the neck bit, i got very confused, is it okay if you explain it in a bit of a simpler way? Thankyouu!!

  • Hi,
    Love this sweater and I am sure I can make it but I’m an XXL and don’t know how to do the math to get it to fit me.
    Any simple way to do this or is there a size converter/calculator that you or any of the other commenters know about?
    Sorry if this is a repeat question.
    Rikki 🙂

  • Thank you for posting it may be basic but classics like this should b a staple of all wardrobes in my opinion. Looking forward to knitting this pattern
    Cheers from Downunder

  • I was wondering if there are any sleeve increases on the body of the piece? It doesn’t say so in the pattern, but in the picture it looks as if there are…wondering if this has been left up to the knitters interpretation or if I just knit a box?

  • I related to EVERYTHING in your first paragraph, it felt like you were writing specifically to me!! hahaha, thank you for being so generous and disciplined to work this out and then write it down to share. Bless you and thank you!! xoxo

  • Super cute and something I can do I am sure 🙂 Thank you for writing up a beginner sweater. I always find patterns for sweaters that I love but they are so intimidating. I think this is going to be Christmas presents for my daughter and daughter in laws.

  • Such a great sweater! Thanks for sharing this amazing pattern. I’m in the process of knitting it right now with an alpaca blend and it’s so squishy and snuggly! First sweater I’ve knit. Can’t wait to take it with me on my trip to Berlin in September ❤️

  • I’m reading the instructions for the neck and I feel like it should be pick up and knit not cast on for the neck. If you cast on stitches for the neck how would they be attached to the sweater?

  • I just love this sweater . . .but I would make it in extra large . . and directions as to the change in stitches for an extra large?

  • I love this sweater I have the yarn arrived yesterday. PROBLEM. I didn’t look enough and assumed when I saw 9mm it was US 9. WRONG. Started knitting on US 9 and seemed really small!!! THEN saw 9 mm which equals SZ 13 US !!! I will know next time. Thanks Denise

  • I’m confused, you stated that you «decided not to spend $50.00 on such a thing» but when I look up the yarn it’s $17.09 a ball plus taxes and shipping, your pattern requires 12 which means this basic sweater will cost around $240 or so dollars to make. for most knitter’s I know, the cost of this would be prohibitive, any suggestions on a reasonably priced substitute yarn?

  • Hello,
    I love this pattern. I am fairly new to knitting and love how simple it is. I do have a question….. should I block this sweater? If so should I block in pieces or after it is sewn together?

  • Уведомление: Winter Is Coming · HGDesignsCrochet
  • 1. What size cable should my 9mm circulars have? 24″? 32″?
    2. Should I also have a second set of 9mm circulars for the sleeve creation, like a 16″ set?

  • this pattern never said repeat row 2 till 55 cm, so i repeated row 1 and row 2 so its messed up. thanks for letting me waste a bunch of yarn.

  • I want to knit this for my friend who wears XL. I’m not sure what her dimensions are.. do you have any suggestions on how many stitches to cast on? Should I just do everything 1.5x?

  • Hi. I’m looking forward to trying this sweater this weekend, thank you for posting it., I have been trying to get my gauge right so I found Bernat Softee Chunky in Baby Pink! Wish me luck!!

  • Im done, except for the neck whole part… how do you cast the stitches around the neck? Im confused by the wording! Other than that super great / easy to follow

  • OK I finally figured out this sweater and thought I would post my results! Overall, I had to make changes and would make changes again if I make it a second time. I used Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn. It was a bit thicker than the recommended yarn, but I had bought it on sale and I decided to use it. It made a very thick and heavy sweater, and also slightly too big.

    The body was about right (I followed the instructions exactly), made a L-XL size sweater. The sleeves were HUGE and didn’t even fit my husband. I ended up undoing them and re-doing the sleeves by only casting on 20 sts and then following the increase pattern from there. They ended up fitting much better and looking like a pretty normal sweater. Also, I didn’t bother casting on any neck sts or doing a collar, I just left the opening and thought it looked just fine. I used the mattress stitch to seam the top body shoulders together and the ribbing of body/sleeves, but I used the garter stitch for every other seam.

    Overall, I like the sweater a lot but I did have to make adjustments. I would knit it again with a lighter yarn and I would adjust the sleeves to be smaller again. I recommend casting on 20-25 sts for a size small sweater sleeve. I took pictures but they cannot be uploaded in this comment, so I added them to the pinterest link for this comment if you’re curious about how my sweater looked with the Lion Brand yarn.

  • Love this pattern! Working on the Body/back/front and the last instructions says to repeat till the length is 55 cm. What are we repeating, which row is repeated or is both?

  • It may have already been posted but how many stitches do I pick up for the neck. Love the sweater by the way you are very talented . X

  • Dear the person who made this pattern,

    Can you please make a pattern for an Over Sized Turtle Neck Sweater? That would be very much appreciated, since I love over sized sweaters and turtle neck sweaters. If you do decide to make a pattern for this, then thank you very much.

    With much love,
    D.J, Sp00ky J1m

  • This was a fun and easy sweater to make. I switched up the stitch to a faux ribbing and rice stitch and looks great. Thanks for the inspiration

  • Hi there. I bought six balls and the rest was supposed to be on back order. Used the same wool and colour as yours, now I can’t get the other six balls. Please advise where I can get another 6 balls from?

  • Thank you for this pattern! This is just the type of sweater I love wearing, but can never find to buy. Now I can make it for myself. 🙂