Autumn comes along with a wish to stay at home and cuddle in a cosy blanket. When it’s time that you have to go outside you can wrap a chunky scarf and take some cozyness with you. Like this one knitted of malabrigo worsted yarn. It is so warm and soft that to wear it is pure pleasure. 

I’ve bought this yarn last winter and didn’t know what to make of it. When I realised that I lack a simple basic scarf. The kind of staple that you don’t have to think long what to wear with just wrap around your neck and go. Besides, this taupe color is good with both total black and light looks. I love it and if you ask me what to knit first my answer is: This scarf.

Chunky Knit Scarf. FREE KNITTING PATTERN. Check it now or save for later.Chunky Knit Scarf in Malabrigo Yarn. FREE KNITTING PATTERN. Check it now or save for later. Chunky Knit Scarf - perfect for fall. FREE KNITTING PATTERN. Check it now or save for later.


The size 25 х 200 cm

Suggested yarn:

3 skeins Malabrigo Worsted Taupe

Knitting needles:

I used Cubics KnitPro 4.5 mm, but this yarn can be knitted with 5 mm needles.


Cast on 40 stitches.

Row 1: slip 1 st knitwise, *knit 1, purl 1*, purl last stitch.

Row 2: slip 1 st knitwise, *knit 1 below, purl  1*, purl last st.

Knit one below: Insert the tip of the right needle into the stitch below the next stitch on the left needle, knit normally (wrapping the yarn around the needle and pulling it back through the stitch below) and let the stitch above fall from the left needle.

Repeat Row 2 till the end of the scarf until it is 200 cm long. Bind off the stitches in 1×1 rib.

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