I cannot believe that I’ve actually opened the admin tab and started writing this post. The longer the break the more difficult it is to make yourself start start doing anything; it is easier to find new excuses and reasons to postpone and delay. But there’s a true saying that if you want anything done you simply have to start doing it. Don’t think too much otherwise you’ll find more excuses.  Simply do it. Actually I know no other recipe.

And as to the recipe I did’t try to come up with something special today. All I wanted to was share with you my current thoughts. So I took some pictures of a chocolate bark I found on a kitchen shelf and started writing.

When I realised I can’t have time for everything: for my baby, for work and all the hobbies I decided that I should give up something in order to focus more on what was left. But I probably belong to the type whose productivity is directly proportional to how many items are on their To-Do list. So when I crossed out blogging from my life eventually I realised that it was getting harder and harder to write and shoot content for my other projects and I did’t fulfil more tasks as I planned but on the contrary.

I was so used to blogging that it became inevitable part of my life just like working out. Even now as I’m typing those words I feel like something is waking inside and I want to create, make and share again. Soon I’ll share the books that I’ve read, things that I’ve knitted and of course there’ll be recipes.


If you remember I started this project last January in order to achieve the state of mind that I call ‘slow living state’… I’ve chosen some particular theme I was working on for the whole month and then turn to another one. Why did I stop? First of all I’m not alone. There’s my husband and baby beside me and this way I cannot talk about myself only  and how would I hang around and shoot and drink coffee and enjoy everything when my other half is loaded with work. I think that was the main reason where I understood that my project was in vein.

The other reason is that I’m such a person who cannot do when she’s obliged to do. I would do anything but this. If I had to read something I would read anything even a manual but not a book on the list, and if I say out loud that I intend to do something I don’t want to do it anymore. So the best way is to share my achievements after I fulfilled them rather then promising and quitting.

And of course last but not least I want to congratulate everyone of you on Christmas and New Year and wish you new achievements and new inspiring dreams to follow. May every day bring joy and happiness.

I’m finishing my post for now but not saying goodbye for long. Love and kisses. I’ll be glad to every comment and like on social media and pinterest repost just to know that you are still here. Thanks to everyone!

Chocolate Bark 3 Chocolate Bark 2 Chocolate BarkCrushed Chocolate Bark



  • Chocolate — take the best chocolate you can find if you want a delicious bark 
  • Topping ideas — nuts, seeds, dried fruit and berries, marshmallow and anything you can think of

To tell the truth this recipe is soooooo easy that I can hardly call it a recipe at all but that makes a good present or great idea to your coffee. All you have to do is to melt chocolate in a microwave or water bath, pour it on a parchment paper and top as desired. Leave it to cool for a little bit and then transfer to a refrigerator for an hour or so to harden.

Of course you can temper the chocolate but I think that you don’t have to complicate things especially if you eat the whole batch straight away.

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